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About KaroFit Tile Levelling Systems

Our products help and speed tiling process to be done quickly and with high quality.

It regulates joint gaps and eliminates faults such as bumps and level differences.

Our Products

Adjustable Plier

With  design patent plier stands out with its solid structure and ergonomic design.


The standard size wedge can be used for all type of levelling clips.

Spacer Clips

All type of ergonomic spacer clips for tiles with thickness from 3 to 25mm.

DIY Kits

KaroFit Tile Levelling DIY Kits help for beginners with its ease use.

The Choice of Perfect and Fast Tile Masters

Flawless Tile Flooring

Saving Time

Easy and Practical Use

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Zamandan Tasarruf

Yeni Nesil Ergonomik Tasarım

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Avrupalı Ustaların Tercihi

Robust and Quality Material

New Generation Ergonomic Design

Preference of European Masters

KaroFit in Global Markets

Karofit Tile Flooring Systems stands out in the global market with its unique products and innovative solutions. Karofit’s proprietary products offer a fast and high quality experience in the flooring process. With their conformity to quality standards and user-friendly designs, Karofit Tile Flooring Systems help the perfect placement of tiles around the world.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our expert team is here to understand your needs and offer the most suitable options. Our experienced staff is always ready to answer your questions. With our service, we ensure that your project is completed quickly and effectively. Contact us to learn about special solutions for our valued customers and discover how we can meet your needs.

How Does KaroFit Works?

611 Range, KaroFit Screw System

KaroFit Screw Levelling System consists of two parts such as screw clip and a cap. Provides you place tiles perfectly without using a crimping plier. It is ideal for more complex flooring projects and gives you great results.

511 Range KaroFit Stadart Wedge Levelling System

This ergonomic system allows you to place tiles precisely and eliminates floor defects.

311 Range KaroFit Standart Wedge Levelling System

This standart wedge levelling system allows you to keep the tiles aligned on the floors and to create a smooth surface.

101 Range KaroFit ECO Wedge Levelling System

This economic wedge levelling system can be used with all type of tiles in all tiling areas.